Release, Resolve & Rejuvenate!

Have YOU suffered a bad divorce? Are You a Trauma Survivor? Let Me Show You How to Overcome YOUR Pain from Divorce, so You Can Bounce Back and Be POWERFUL, CONFIDENT, WHOLE, PURPOSEFUL & MORE ATTRACTIVE…in 3 Months (or Less!)

Who Am I?

I know the traumatizing pain of divorce and the overwhelming feeling of having to start life over. I am a trauma survivor just like you! I have survived sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, and a stress-induced brain hemorrhage in 2016.

Seven months after the brain hemorrhage, determined to change my life and create a better life for my sons, I pursued a master’s degree in health administration. I began working in medical settings where I found myself using my natural coaching abilities to inspire patients to lose weight. I also coached trauma survivors who suffered tragic accidents and whose life was turned upside down to see that their life was not over. In retrospect, I have been coaching people all my life, but never considered working in the profession full-time until receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback and demand for more sessions from clients. I began to realize more and more, that coaching is the positive impact I am seeking to make in this world. After this aha moment, I obtained my professional life coach certification in 2020 and went on to become trauma-informed. I now specialize in divorce recovery for trauma survivors. I have since been living my best life!

I owe the woman I am today to God the Father and the power of His Word which brings me continuous wisdom and guidance. My main inspiration besides my faith in God is my two wonderful sons who motivate me and keep my life adventurous.

I thrive on making a positive impact in the lives of those around me! Exhilaration is the feeling I want you to have as a result of working with me. I have discovered through overcoming multiple personal difficulties how to live an exhilarating life. I have clarity, purpose, and enthusiasm for life and I want that for all that I encounter. Be prepared to feel loved, inspired, encouraged, empowered, and challenged after!

About My Program


Who It Is For?

We help Trauma Survivors like you navigate life post-divorce.

Let me show you how to overcome YOUR divorce pain so you can bounce back and be POWERFUL, CONFIDENT, WHOLE, PURPOSEFUL & MORE ATTRACTIVE in 3 months (or Less)!

We are waiting for you to book your call now!

We are here for you!


Who It Is Not For?

  • Wo/men who are not yet divorced
  • Wo/men who have not had therapy yet to deal with their past sexual or other trauma
  • Wo/men who have managed their divorce with success
  • Wo/men who want instant results without any effort
  • Wo/men who are not committed to change after their divorce
  • Wo/men who do not want a new perspective on their lives after their divorce
  • Wo/men who don’t want to take responsibility for their happiness and fulfillment post-divorce
  • Wo/men who do not want to move beyond their bitterness and anger
Module One

RELEASE the Heaviness!


  • Stop obsessing over the past
  • Release some of that heaviness you are carrying
  • Overcome feelings of rejection
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Gain a clear understanding of what love is and what it is not
  • How to avoid hurtful relationships in the future


Aren’t you tired of those long sleepless nights? Those nagging thoughts? And the overwhelming heaviness plaguing you surrounding your divorce? Reduce stress in your life by releasing the deadweight of the past. Overcome feelings of rejection and increase your self-esteem, so you can get over your heartache and get back into the driver’s seat of your life!

Module Two

Brave “the Unknown”…RELEASE the Fear!


  • Visualize your new future
  • Build trust in yourself & your judgment
  • Confidently embrace your future, excited about your new life
  • Discover your control style & how to use it to your advantage
  • Visualize & create a new you through small goals to be achieved
  • Look at life with a new perspective


Have you felt overwhelmed at the thought of your future since the divorce? Do you fear the unknown? Your life has felt out of control until now. The good news is, you are more in control than you think! F.E.A.R stands for false evidence appearing real. Take a deep breath! Now it’s time to release the fear that’s been holding you back!

Module Three

RESOLVE to Shift Gears – Helpless No More!


  • Boost self-esteem 
  • Improve your overall well-being 
  • Understand your boundaries better so you can stop wasting time & energy in the wrong places
  • Become more proactive instead of reactive
  • Embrace being single with newfound confidence
  • Live with more purpose!


Has divorce left you feeling damaged in some way? Are you feeling confused, depressed, helpless, or hopeless? Are you ready to turn your life around?
This module is all about you!
Learn how to shift gears from feeling helpless & reactive to feeling more influential & proactive. Boost your self-confidence & gain more traction in the right direction of your life. Understand your boundaries better so that you can live a more energized life!

Module Four

RESOLVE to Part the Clouds – Stuck No More!


  • Break through the cloudiness & confusion of your life
  • Discover what actions you can take to get yourself “unstuck” and to connect to the life you want
  • Become empowered by gaining critical insight into your life’s situations
  • Understand yourself & others in a way you didn’t before
  • Feel happiness & joy in identifying your untried passions
  • Feel enlightened & hopeful about your future


Do you have difficulty with your focus & concentration since the divorce? Are you wanting to move forward but are being held back by “the clouds” which prevent you from seeing things clearly? Feeling like you can’t “part the clouds” can feel very paralyzing. Unlock the critical information you need so you can understand how to get “unstuck” and move forward.
This module will help you cut through the clouds to see your life’s possibilities more clearly. You will feel enlightened, and hopeful & understand your life in a way you didn’t before.

Module Five

RESOLVE to Affirm Yourself!


  • Experience increased self-esteem & self-confidence 
  • Recognize self sabotage 
  • Bounce back from negativity
  • Build resilience
  • Become more productive


Do you struggle with feelings of failure? If you suffer from low self-esteem & low self-confidence or rejection of ANY kind, you are not alone! When your self-esteem & self-confidence is low, you are not living your ideal life or experiencing the love you want in your life. Become aware of your unconscious patterns of self-sabotage. Gain the confidence & self-esteem you’ve always wanted to handle every situation.

Module Six

Your Transformation – A Rejuvenated Mind


  • Redefine the new life that you want to lead
  • Redefine your social status
  • Redefine your true self
  • Redefine your innate requirements
  • Embrace being single with newfound confidence
  • Walk a new journey


Are you struggling with how this new life is supposed to work post-divorce? Do you feel like an outcast in your social circles & family gatherings? Redefine the boundary of your life & take your power back! Redefine your true self & your social status as you transform into who you’ve always wanted to be. Learn how to live more at peace & put all the right filters on to help you think & feel more positive & healthy.

Module Seven

Your Transformation – A More Attractive Rejuvenated You Part I


  • Increased self-worth
  • Increased personal power
  • Increased influence
  • Gain more respect
  • Feel desirable
  • Become undeniably more attractive with the adoption of the principles taught in this module
  • Enjoy the new “improved” you
  • Get your groove back!


Have you ever struggled with feeling “good enough?”
Well, you ARE good enough and it’s time to get your groove back! It’s time to discover what an amazing, beautiful, and powerful force you really are! Gain more respect when you increase both your personal power and your influence. Become undeniably more attractive! This is part one in a series on the two paths to becoming more attractive.

Module Eight

Your Transformation – A More Attractive Rejuvenated You Part II


  • Adopt proper self-care as a lifestyle 
  • Develop more positive, powerful communication with yourself to help you accomplish the things you want
  • Feel happiness & joy in discovering your new sexy self!
  • Create the joy of meeting new people in your life!


Learn the paths to feel sexier & look more attractive. Learn how to make the right “first impression” including cultivating a welcoming disposition, correcting any negative body language, and other ways to make yourself irresistible! Most importantly, learn to adopt proper self-care, the ultimate pathway to increased self-value & self-esteem.

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