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My name is Rita and I want to share my experience with my life coach Alberta Jordan. But before I can share my experiences, I want to share a little background of myself prior to meeting my life coach.

Over the last several years I began to feel a void, an empty space within. As a single person it can be difficult and overwhelming to ensure you are where you want to be, and where you are going so to “live your best life.” Not knowing that my former years impacted my life in a massive manner was a real eye opener. When I was constantly speaking of former memories, I didn’t realize the pain, and that I had not begun a healing process. I was allowing myself to keep open wounds from closing.

I was looking for a therapist and was introduced to working with a life coach and Alberta Jordan and I connected and began the journey. I found Alberta to be a very passionate person to assist me in my quest of a new path.

My first session was an eye opener. Alberta spoke of various topics and reasons why we would be reviewing and revisiting some particular topics. I was reluctant about opening up with my inner emotions. Initially I wanted to keep my first session to myself, just listening (so I thought), I would only provide short answers. Yet, that was not the case! Alberta was asking questions in such a way that at the end of our session, I had provided a wealth of information I did not expect to provide. Nor did I understand or know that these unveiled truths were keeping me hostage within. I never felt uncomfortable or pushed in speaking. The questions she asked weren’t intrusive, but rather inviting.

Alberta’s ability to speak with a calm inviting voice truly change the direction of our meeting, through tears, laughter and all those crazy emotions. She truly coached me to face, acknowledge and identify with each particular challenge previously to present.
I learned so much about myself that I didn’t know was in my spirit. I had no idea that my current lifestyle was impacted by some of those wounds that were covered up.

I enjoyed our sessions and realized after my third session, the open wounds became exposed and it was an overwhelming relief to my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being like opening and closing doors. Meaning, I can live with myself better and I am comfortable now speaking of my past without guilt, hurt or shame. I am an independent, yet ambitious, passionate person loving myself first and others.

I can say having the opportunity and experience with Alberta as my Life coach Partner has made a difference in my life. I am aware of my decision and feel I have the ability to make decisions with confidence because I have an understanding of the areas I struggled with.
Thank you Alberta, even though I am still going and growing with life’s challenges I am now better informed of my decision-making process.

Having a Life coach for me was better than a therapist in my experience. The timeline was consistent and convenient, and the sessions were timely.

If you are thinking would you benefit from the experience of Life coach partner, I would say a resounding Yes! I also recommend you sign with Alberta Jordan at Exhilarated Life.

Thank you again Alberta, for the opportunities and support you provided during our sessions. The wealth of knowledge I have gathered from these sessions has led me to begin each day with a new perspective on life.

Life is a journey but knowing how and why we make decisions is important and we will become wiser, stronger and fulfilled in our life conquest.

Rita F.

I was so lost and confused after my divorce. I didn’t know what to do or how to move on. But Alberta helped me to see that I had the power to take control of my life. She gave me the tools and the support I needed to rebuild my life and start living on my terms. I’m so grateful for her help!

Ann H.

I was absolutely devastated after my divorce and felt totally hopeless. I had tried numerous therapists and decided to try having a coach instead. Having Alberta for my divorce recovery coach made all the difference in my life! Alberta first helped me begin healing by helping me get my mind right. She always knew just what to do and say to help me get my life back on track. Thanks to her, I am not just enjoying, but thriving in my new life since divorce. I’d recommend her and Exhilarated Life to anyone!

Abby M.